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Eric Dalius and MuzicSwipe are Hitting the High Notes and Transforming Music Discovery

Discovering the right music to suit an event’s mood or vibe can be daunting. This is where music lovers rely on the same handful of options they have listened to a thousand times. While this saves the time-consuming task of browsing through hundreds of musical choices, it also overshadows the many aspiring talents who remain undiscovered, perhaps forever. This is the fertile ground where MuzicSwipe has emerged as a revolutionary platform that is changing the way fans discover music and artists gain exposure. Essentially, this tech innovation blends the passion of music with the power of technology to connect fans and artists in a new and unique way.

MuzicSwipe was conceived during a long conversation Eric Dalius and his family shared over a long dinner a few years ago. The discussion centered around a new concept that could connect aspiring musicians directly with their audiences. MuzicSwipe became a reality soon after and was launched over a two-year period via an amazing grassroots campaign that evoked the feel of good old fashioned 20th century music marketing.

Over time, MuzicSwipe has emerged as more than a mere music streaming service. The reason can be found in its wonderfully designed App, which blends the usability of social media with the key features of “swipe” technology. The swipe is the key here, as it allows users to align their music preferences to their mood with the goal of finding brilliant undiscovered talent. And the happy result of this tech mashup is a lot of exposure for emerging musical talent, and a safe space for them as well.

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Eric Dalius
Author: Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius is The Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe. In this position, he acts as key advisor and lead strategist, helping to guide the company’s plan to redefine the music discovery process. Yahoo Finance has noted the company’s positioning to ultimately work with music labels and distributors, helping to grow their artist rosters on a global basis.Mr. Dalius comes to his role having spent three decades as a serial entrepreneur with multiple successes.

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