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Music Contract Negotiation Tips for Aspiring Musicians

Why keep yourself limited to local bars and events when you have the talent to hit it big? You can negotiate a contract with a record label and give yourself a chance to turn your dreams into reality. While there’s nothing wrong with being independent, some artists have the vision to sing and hear their voices on the radio. If you are one of them, here are some music contract negotiation tips to get you started:

Find the Best Time to Negotiate the Contract

The perfect time to negotiate your contract will be right after a successful gig. Let your passion for music and the enthusiastic crowd help you negotiate a good deal. You can ask for a higher fee or better terms that benefit you and the record label equally.

If you are not certain you should be alone for contract negotiation, ask other members of your group or someone you trust with your music career to get involved. The label will try to gain more benefit than the artist, knowing that aspiring musicians are desperate to get recognition.

However, do not let those tactics get to you. Keep your eyes on the bigger prize and stay firm without budging from the areas of the contract that you want to be negotiated. One thing to keep in mind is to stay patient during the negotiations. Why? The label is likely to lose interest if you tell them all your terms at once and become stubborn about it.

Negotiate things one at a time and always ask for more than you want. This way, you won’t be disappointed after the deal is final.

Get Everything in Writing

The music industry has seen more musicians lose their masterpieces to record labels who go back on their words before signing the contract than you can count. Make sure all your terms after verbal negotiations are confirmed using a written contract.

Everything should be clearly stated in legal terms for your gigs, payment, and other related details. This helps later if there’s a problem that requires recovering your fee.

Pay Attention to the Terms and Conditions

Give yourself time to read every sentence on the contract you are about to sign. Even if you trust someone with your future, it’s your responsibility to ensure your contrast looks and reads exactly as you verbally accepted.

Since contracts are legal documents, make sure you understand what each clause implies. You can make a note of the points, facts, and figures that you do not understand. Once you are done reading, you can ask all your questions to the right people.

Remember that signing the contract is a professional matter, and you can’t get emotional in the middle of it. One of the most important music contract negotiation tips is that you should remain emotionally detached during the entire process. Do not undermine your value because you are not with a label yet.

Final Words

Utilize these music contract negotiation tips to make sure your career starts on the right foot. Do not let the label or its contract control your music journey. Make sure to understand the main clauses of your contract and negotiate anything that you do not agree with. Remember, you have the power to walk away!



Eric Dalius
Author: Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius is The Executive Chairman of MuzicSwipe. In this position, he acts as key advisor and lead strategist, helping to guide the company’s plan to redefine the music discovery process. Yahoo Finance has noted the company’s positioning to ultimately work with music labels and distributors, helping to grow their artist rosters on a global basis.Mr. Dalius comes to his role having spent three decades as a serial entrepreneur with multiple successes.

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